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How are you ?

Učiteľ angličtiny, slovenčiny a prekladateľ
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How are you ? – Ako sa máš ?

Do you know how to say „How are you?“ in Slovak language and how to answer for this question. In this article, you will see everything about it.

Mať „ to have“ combined with sa (oneself) has idiomatic sense to be feeling, hence the standart phase.

Ako sa máte?

This phrase means in English.

How are you ?      How are you feeling ?     How are things ?

That is to use the vy, or formal mode of address, of course. With someone to whom you say, you need to say.

How are you ?                                   Ako sa máš ?

This question is not mere formality. It is  normally expects a response. A conventional answer might be.

Ďakujem. Mám sa dobre.                       Thank you. I am feeling well.

Ďakujem, dobre.                                     Thank you, well

If feeling notably unwell, you could conceived say:

Zle !           Bad !

Neutral, but unenthusiastic, is:

Ujde to.                       Not too bad. Okay. It´ll do.

Note how sa (oneself) is not always placed after the ver ! In fact, as a rule, it comes in the second possible slot in a clause or a sentence:

Ako sa máte – mám sa dobre.                          How are you ? I am well.

Ivan sa má dobre.                                             Ivan is well.

Igor a Peter sa majú dobre.                              Igor and Peter are well.

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