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Teacher of languages and translator

Offered services

Teaching languages:

Way of teaching

One to one lessons, teaching in groups and in firms.

Teaching English
I teach and give extra classes of English for children, students and adults. I prepare my students for school leaving exam, monitor, re-sits, certificates and state exams. It does not matter if you are young or old or what kind of profession you have I teach you all. Also I prepare people that want to go abroad to work there or need English at work or want to improve English for their own need. Materials from which I teach I take on my lessons and also I will recommend you some titles of books and textbooks which can help you to prepare at home.

Teaching Slovak and literature
I teach and give extra classes of Slovak language and literature for pupils and students of primary and secondary schools. I prepare my students for school leaving exam, monitor and re-sits. I shall help your children with their homeworks and my teaching helps them to improve their marks at school.

Teaching Slovak for foreigners
I teach Slovak for foreigners from English speaking countries or foreigners that speak English. I speak English fluently, so there is no barrier in communication with foreigner.


Translations from and into English
I translate general and specialized documents from English into Slovak and vice versa.
For example I translate administrative documents, business contracts, texts of songs, thesis, correspondence, wedding invitations, specialized documents, abstracts and employment contracts.
I offer my translations for personal entities and for firms.

Teacher of languages and translator - Price

My lesson has 45 minutes.
One to one lesson is from 1
2 euros
Teaching in group (two to four students) is from
20 euros
Teaching in firm (six and more students) is from
30 euros

Price for one page of translation depends on if it is a general or specialized text and how fast has to be this document translated.
Price for one page.
General text - The price is from 1
7 euros
Specialized text - The price is from 2
2 euros

Price for one standard page of proofreading depends on speed of making and difficultness of proofreading.
Standard page – from 12 euros

Extra fees
100 percent extra fee for work within 24 hours
50 percent extra fee for work within 48 hours
50 percent extra fee for wok within during the weekend

In normal translation is charged every started half a standard page (minimum range is one page).

I am not a payer of value added tax.

Characteristic of standard page
Standard page is standarized page with 1800 text symbols (including gaps) in the resulting language.

Calculation of standard pages
Sum of letters including gaps divided 1800, 30 lines with 60 symbols or approximately 250 words of common text.



I would like to thank for consultation and tutorage of Slovak language. You helped me to prepare for school leaving exam. Your form of tutorage helped me a lot.
 Simona Hlubíková

This teacher is great, he teaches his students everything what they need to know, simply and without stress. I have learnt much more than in language schools. I would like to thank him because his attitude to his students is perfect.

Popelková Andrea

I liked English and Slovak lessons very much. They had high standard and perfect method of teaching. For students is clear what they are learning because teacher explains everything simply and on illustrative examples. I understood things which I could not remember although it explained to me a lot of teachers.

Karas Peter

I attended many courses but the way of teaching and attitude to students of this teacher I liked the most.He is very patient and eloquent. You will learn more than in language courses and for acceptable price.

Vavrovič Boris


This is maybe the best translator I have ever had. He translates general and specialized texts from few pages to bigger publication. His work is done on time and his translation has really high standard.

Mgr. Melaga Jozef

I was satisfied with translation which made for me Mr Filip Šuman - Burdej. He made his work perfectly. What I appreciated the most was speed of his work and high quality of translation and everything for acceptable prices.

Kubalová Anna

We appreciated long-term co-operation with this translator.We were very satisfied with his work and we would like to recomend him as a translator for every firm.

Klein Karol, Interagro
Joint-stock company

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