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American idioms

Učiteľ angličtiny, slovenčiny a prekladateľ
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Americké idiomy

Každý jazyk a tým pádom aj angličtina má isté zvraty, ktoré sa nedajú len tak vysvetliť ale vznikli z niečoho a pre človeka, ktorý sa neučí angličtinu dlho nemajú žiadny význam, taká je aj angličtina, a jej časť americká angličtina.

Tak sa pozrime na zopár výrazov a zvratov, ktoré existujú v americkej angličtine.

bring to light - reveal, unearth. The archeologist, through his investigations, brought to light several interesting facts.

bring to mind - remind , cause one to recall, Your story brings to mind a similar exerience which I had some time ago.

bring up - to rear, nurture. He was born in Ohio but brought up in Texas.

brush aside - ignore, push aside. Brush aside the adverse reports of his scouts, the general ordered the attack at dawn

break with -quarrel with, sever relations with. One by one he broke with all his old friends.

break the ice - promote cordiality within a group, ut an end to an akward situations. Our hostess broke the ice the moment she began to serve the refreshments.

bring home the bacon -  succeed in some  project, be triumphant, Our team whch was greatly superior to the others in the tournament, had little trouble in bringing home the bacon.

broken English - incorrect and imperfect English. When I heard him speaking such a broken English, I knew he was not a native American.

break away - leave, free oneself from. Fortunately, he broke away from that lawless group years ago.

bow out -withdraw, retire, disappear gracefully. He bowed out of the whole affair without giving anyone an explanation.

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