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Nouns in Slovak language

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Gramatical  characteristics of nouns

The gramatical characteristics of nouns are gender, number and case.

We distinguish three genders in nouns : masculine, feminine and neuter. Each  noun belongs to one of these three genders. Masculine  nouns are divided into animate and inanimate.
Further, there are two numbers : singular and plural. One thing is usuallly indicated by  the singular and more things belonging to the same category are usually indicated by the plural. Nouns plural in form, but indicating only one thing are termed pluralia-tantum, e.g. nohavice (trousers).

There are six cases in Slovak language

The nominative                   answers the questions                 kto? čo ?  who ? what ?

The genitive                        answers the questions                 koho ? čoho? of whom ? of what?

The dative                          answers the questions                komu ? čomu? to whom ? to what ?

The accusative                   answers the questions                 koho ? čo ? whom? what?

The locative                       answers the questions              o kom ? o čom ? about whom ? about what?

The instrumental             answers the questions                  s kým ? s čím?   with whom ? with what?

These cases permit to express differet relations between objects, between actions and objects and between qualities and objects.

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